Apr 2024

"How to Invest in Web3 Unicorns: Experts Share Strategies at Buidlhouse Event during ETH Denver"

At the recent Buidlhouse Event hosted by Supermoon at ETH Denver, Horizen Labs hosted a panel about Investing in the Next web3 Unicorns, companies valued over 1 billion dollars, and how to know which qualities to look for when making a decision. The panel, moderated by Bryan Nowlan of Horizen Labs, featured a discussion with Jemma Xu of Singularity Network and Fork Ventures, Ezra Wong of Auros, and Nate Wong from BitGet Exchange.

Jemma Xu emphasized the critical role of a solid founding team in early-stage investments. "Ideas will always change," Xu explained, highlighting the necessity for teams to adapt and pivot effectively. She noted that the ability to iterate based on market feedback is more crucial than the initial idea.

Nate Wong touched on the complexities of investment decisions in the Web3 space, particularly during fluctuating market conditions. He outlined several factors critical to investment decisions, including the narrative of the project and its market capitalization. "Market maker service providers are also important," Wong added, underscoring the influence of professional support in trading.

Ezra Wong from Auros detailed a different approach due to their firm's roots in high-frequency trading. "We stay in our lane," he stated, pointing out the importance of investing in areas where they can add immediate value, such as data and trading platforms.

Regulatory risks were also a hot topic, with panelists agreeing that compliance is paramount, especially in sensitive verticals like privacy and decentralized finance. Jemma Xu described the delicate balance required when navigating investments in projects with potential regulatory challenges.

The panel provided a snapshot of strategic thinking in Web3 investment, highlighting the dynamic and varied approaches leaders are taking to navigate the difficult and various choices in the market.