Apr 2024

Advances and Challenges in Blockchain Security: Perspectives from Cunflux Network panel during Buidlhouse

During Supermoon's Buidlhouse event, featured during ETH Denver 2024, Conflux Network hosted a panel about “Blockchain Security Solutions” with David Shengart of Unicorn Factory Ventures and David Schwed of Halborn Security, who discussed the changing landscape of blockchain security threats and defenses and how they are looking to safeguard users.

David Schwed began by outlining the severity of security threats, noting, “We’re dealing with some of the most sophisticated threat actors in the space.” His point underlined the shift from traditional cyber thefts to high-stakes crypto heists, emphasizing the gravity of blockchain as a target.

Amidst discussions of doom, Schwed also highlighted significant strides in security: “Security has improved ten to a hundredfold over the years,” he reassured, advocating for comprehensive and proactive security strategies over reactive ones.

Further enriching the conversation, Shengart addressed the practical steps towards bolstering security, explaining the critical role of continuous security assessment. “It’s not just about audits; it's about embedding security into every phase of project development,” he detailed, encouraging a blend of preventive and detective security measures.

The dialogue also touched on the necessity of educating project teams, fostering a community that understands the nuances of blockchain security. Schwed illustrated this with a call to action, “Security is a journey, not a destination,” urging projects to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement.

The session concluded with both experts optimistic about future trends in blockchain security, highlighting advancements in technology like browser plugins that can prevent scam transactions. This exchange not only deepened the understanding of blockchain security but also set a foundation for safer future developments in the blockchain ecosystem.