Apr 2024


The recent Buidlhouse event by Supermoon in Denver, featured a panel about ApeChain, with prominent members from Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, Apecoin DAO, and CR3 Labs. The panel delved into the future of Web3 gaming and the role of ApeChain.

Spencer Soloway, VP of Ecosystem Growth of Horizen Labs stated, "We're not just building ApeChain; we're crafting a sustainable, community-driven future for Apecoin DAO, aligning with the expansive narrative of Web3 gaming."

David from Apecoin DAO placed emphasis on metaverse's potential and the broad vision for ApeChain beyond gaming, aiming for an inclusive and expansive ecosystem. "Our goal with ApeChain is to create a vision where everyone can contribute, leveraging diverse IPs and technologies, transcending traditional boundaries," he shared.

Mike Roth of CR3 Labs discussed the technical prowess and strategic approach needed for ApeChain’s success. "The choice of ApeChain is not just about technical superiority but about creating an ecosystem where developers can thrive, building games that are not only fun but also integrate seamlessly with the broader blockchain landscape," he explained.

Steven Goldfeder of Offchain Labs spoke about the collaborative essence of the project, highlighting the synergy between ApeChain and the broader blockchain community. "Our partnership with Horizen Labs is not just about technology but about fostering a community where ApeChain can flourish, supported by a robust and inclusive ecosystem," Goldfeder remarked.

The panelists collectively envisioned a future where ApeChain acts as a beacon of innovation and community engagement in the Web3 domain. They discussed the importance of transparent communication, community involvement, and strategic partnerships in realizing the full potential of ApeChain.

In conclusion, the Buidlhouse event at ETH Denver revealed the roadmap for ApeChain, marking a milestone in its progress towards a more integrated and community-focused Web3 era. The collaboration between Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, Apecoin DAO, and CR3 Labs demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing blockchain technology while fostering a vibrant and participatory community ecosystem.