Fuel House - Builder Viewpoints: Web3 Community Spotlight 1

In Istanbul's recent Fuel House event, Supermoon captured the spirit of blockchain innovation through interviews with various figures in the industry. Their diverse projects and insights offer a glimpse into the dynamic evolution of the blockchain world and its projects.

Gas Protocol: Easing Blockchain Onboarding

Kamal Nayan Singh introduced the Gas Protocol, aimed at simplifying blockchain onboarding. "The idea is to help new users navigate the blockchain and various NFT projects more easily," Singh explained. His background as a full-stack blockchain developer inspired him to create this protocol, addressing common user challenges in blockchain interactions. Kamal appreciated Fuel's workshops, describing them as "pretty engaging and informative."

The Web3 Community Experience

Dmitry Levin shared his transition from web2 to web3, driven by changing job circumstances and personal interests. Working on Plato, a project designed to incentivize physical visits to eateries post-COVID-19, he highlighted the community aspect of web3. "I like this community of people... I can communicate with enthusiasts from all over the world," Levin, new to blockchain, describing it as more familial compared to web2. His journey reflects the evolving nature of the industry and the potential for technology to create meaningful societal impacts.

An On-Chain Rating Agency Concept

Mikolaj Glinka, who has been in the crypto space since 2017, discussed his project idea - an on-chain rating agency. Aimed at distinguishing trustworthy crypto projects from fraudulent ones, his concept involves creating a rating system to guide new users, especially with an anticipated bull market. Mikolaj's background in both computer science and finance has fueled his interest in blockchain, underscoring the interdisciplinary nature of the industry, he said, "Crypto is full of scammy projects. A rating agency could help judge which is fraudulent and which is not." His entry into blockchain was marked by his master thesis on Bitcoin price prediction.

Revolutionizing Contract Usage in Corporations

Piotr Kram revealed his vision to innovate contract usage in corporations, focusing on privacy and efficiency. Frustrated with traditional corporate inefficiencies, Kram wants to implement zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain technology to make contract details private and only reveal what's necessary. His approach to innovation is driven by a desire to tackle challenges in established corporate structures, showing the transformative potential of blockchain. "Whenever you sign a contract, it should be divided into small items... each item you agree to would be saved to a blockchain," Kram suggested, aiming to use blockchain for data privacy and streamlined contract processes.

Leveraging Networking in Blockchain

Bakhrom Kholmatov emphasized the importance of networking in the blockchain space. Attending events like Devconnect in Istanbul led to significant connections with founders, investors, and developers. His project aims to innovate in the loyalty program space using blockchain technology. Kholmatov's experience illustrates how personal interactions can accelerate project growth and investment opportunities in the crypto world.

Exploring the Benefits of Fuel's Blockchain

Paul Zhemanov, a team member of Vitali's team at Composability Labs, praised Fuel's blockchain technology and the programming language Sway for its advantages. Zhemanov's move to web3 was recent, but he's eager to dive deeper into the IT world. His perspective as a newcomer to web3 and his appreciation for Fuel's technology highlight the welcoming and innovative nature of the blockchain community. "Fuel is a very good blockchain... Sway has a lot of pluses from both Rust and Solidity languages," Zhemanov observed, appreciating Fuel's innovative approach.

Looking Ahead to 2024

These insights from Fuel House event participants highlight the diverse and burgeoning landscape of blockchain technology. Supermoon, committed to supporting founders and investors, is set to unveil new events and initiatives in early January 2024, further fostering this environment of innovation and collaboration.