Mar 2024

Supermoon, Cointelegraph, Horizen, NDC, and Conflux Gathered 500+ Top Builders at ETH Denver.

Supermoon, alongside Cointelegraph Accelerator, NDC, Horizen, and Conflux, gathered over 500 founders & builders at its 3-day Open House that took place during ETH Denver. Supermoon, a community of 18,000+ founders, builders, & investors which helps startups to grow and scale, set up this open house as a specially curated program with each of its different thematic days and partners.

BUIDL HOUSE went on to become the main gathering spot for leading entrepreneurs and ecosystems featuring important discussions on web3 unicorns, decentralized governance, voting mechanisms, DAOs, DePIN, OFT or interoperability, infrastructure, AI, and more. It featured speakers from Near Foundation, Filecoin, Protocol Labs, OORT, ApeChain, Horizen Labs, Stably, Conflux, U-Hack, QuillAudits, Fabric Ventures, Ammocrypt, and more. Special guests included Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR Protocol, Clara Tsao, Director of Filecoin Foundation, Mike Robinson, Chairman of OORT Foundation, and Richard Muirhead, partner at Fabric Ventures, among many others. 

Supermoon also co-hosted Investors Brunch together with VNTR and Cointelegraph Accelerator, which gathered 50+ qualified investors and High net-worth individuals. 

Horizen set up a hacker hunt for developers to chase after the 120k in bounties and grants that would be featured throughout Buidlhouse’s 3 day run. Podcasts and discussions followed on the topics of monolithic vs modular blockchain systems, Web3 unicorns, growth marketing and product showcases among other topics. Featured were special guests from the Horizen team, such as Rolf Versluis and Spencer Soloway, as well as guest founders and CEOs from Stably & Auros.

NDC, alongside OORT, featured many guest speakers like Stefaan Vervaet & Daniel Leon from Decentralized Storage Alliance, Clara Tsao the Director of Filecoin Foundation and Mike Robinson the Chairman of OORT Foundation, the day was packed with interviews, KOLs and Builder’s looking to network, as well as live podcasts and Q&As gave exclusive info into NDC’s work.

Conflux, represented by Camila Caban and Iryna Kaplun, welcomed guests for its special dApp Day at BUIDL HOUSE with panel discussions on Blockchain Security, DeFi, DAO project management and derivative tokens, featuring Layer Zero, Syscoin, Pyth, Witnet, Particle Network, Cambridge blockchain society, Nucleo, U-Hack, and Halborn.

About BUIDL HOUSE partners:

Cointelegraph Accelerator - a program providing media products, marketing advice, mentorship support and other benefits to accelerate the growth of Web3 startups.

Near Digital Collective (NDC) - a Grassroots Movement, led by the NEAR Community to create Decentralized Web 3.0 Governance on NEAR Protocol. - a proof verification network making settlement cost-effective for modular blockchain stacks, enabling Layer 2 adoption to grow exponentially. Among offerings, Horizen features Horizen EON, an EVM-compatible smart contracting execution layer within the Horizen ecosystem. 

​Conflux Network - is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that connects decentralized economies worldwide. It utilizes a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus mechanism, ensuring a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain environment.

OORT - is a decentralized AI cloud for privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, OORT empowers trustworthy AI solutions. 

​U-Hack - the web3 university hackathon series with Cambridge, Penn, Oxford, and more.

QuillAudits - providing DeFi Safety and Smart Contract Audits for web3 projects.

Supermoon Build House - ETH Denver 2024