Dec 2022

Fred Estante: Latam is Where the True Value of Blockchain Comes to Fruition.

At the conclusion of Supermoon Station’s Labitconf, Fred Estante of the Algorand Foundation and Benedetto Biondi, CEO of Folks Finance, came together to discuss the high-performing Layer-1 blockchain and capital markets protocol built on the top of the Algorand blockchain.

During their discussion, Frederic took the time to explore how Argentina’s economic shortcomings are driving blockchain technology adoption at the local and corporate level, while setting a precedent for the rest of the world. Folks Finance, in particular, is using the technology of Algorand to bring decentralized finance to the masses with low transaction costs. Finally, the two speakers touched upon how web3 art has created life-changing opportunities for many Brazilians around the globe. In Frederic’s own words, “We at Algorand are focused on Latin America because here we see the true value of blockchain come to fruition.”