Crypto's Secret Power: Building Passionate Communities with Maksym Shama | Supermoon Consensus

Inside the Crypto World with Maksym Shama

Welcome to another insightful edition of our series, where we introduce individuals making significant contributions to the crypto space. Today, we have a special guest, Maksym Shama, a notable personality in the blockchain community and our host, Ms. NFTy, delves into Shama's experiences, opinions, and stories.

Shama's primary focus is on the blockchain, where he interviews new projects, establishing connections with various audiences. Interestingly, Shama views the crypto ecosystem as a platform that transcends online interactions, facilitating real-life meetings, and providing unique perspectives of the personalities behind the screens. This, according to Shama, is a valuable component of the consensus.

The Power of Connection in Crypto

As a connector in the crypto space, Shama finds fulfillment in bringing people together. His passion comes from being around smart, innovative individuals, all contributing to the growth and development of an industry that he's deeply interested in.

When asked about the uniqueness of Near, Shama outlined multiple factors, starting from superior tech compared to most existing blockchains. He commended Near's approach to addressing real-life use cases and solving problems for people, industries, and businesses, rather than merely chasing transaction volumes, a trend seen in other blockchains.

The Future of Near in the Crypto Space

Shama’s thoughts on the future of Near are clear, though he notes that its path to success may be complex. While some criticize Near for its marketing strategy, Shama believes that they are doing a commendable job supporting builders and creators in the crypto space. This approach, according to him, positions Near for generational impact rather than short-term gains.

Experience in the Web Three World

On a lighter note, Shama shared his intriguing journey in the web three world, which began as an online-only interaction. His first introduction to the community was through Empire do in New York, which he describes as an amazing experience that paved the way for continuous interaction with the blockchain community.

The Excitement of Crypto Events

When discussing crypto conferences and gatherings, Shama brought an interesting perspective to the table. While many may see these events as merely parties for alcohol, drinking, and talking, Shama advocates for more opportunities for genuine connection and networking. He emphasizes the need for gatherings that allow people to connect, establishing meaningful relationships in the process.

To wrap up the exciting interview, Shama invited everyone to the Super Moon House for a barbecue. A perfect way to enjoy the vibrancy of the crypto community - one that Shama so vividly portrays.