Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Art with Aaron Koenig

Supermoon Station was joined by community member Aaron Koenig in the latest blockchain hub Buenos Aires. Aaron closing off an eventful year of crypto events with his Crypto Art & Crypto Culture exhibition running alongside Labitconf hosting artist workshops and galleries.

“We are focusing on artworks that talk about this crypto culture.”

Not feeding into the recent NFT boom, Aarons’ main focus is on artworks that talk about crypto culture while being educational and relatable to the wider public. With the aim of raising crypto adoption through relatable art, Moonstock the crypto art gallery now works with twenty-five artists such as Max Cryptohead, with NFTs available on the art platform Carnival.

“Every artwork is about some phenomenon.”

The current Bitcoin market has phased out those in the crypto art space wanting quick gains flipping NFTs, not seeing the bear market as the best time to build and connect with people who truly want to build something.


Aaron expresses the many challenges artists are faced with but recommends perseverance while building up their own reputation through collaborations, exhibitions, and networking. Aarons's current works provide opportunities for improving the crypto art space and see the possibility of a future direct connection between artists and buyers and new roles for galleries.

“There can be a direct connection between the artists and buyers.”

Aaron tells Supermoon Station a little about his passion as an advocate for Bitcoin without condemning other cryptocurrencies and his opinion on Argentina and the crypto world of Buenos Aires.