Luke Devern on the Growing Blockchain Space in Indonesia

Introducing Luke Devern, CEO of Invoker Labs, a web3 venture building studio focusing on the NEAR ecosystem. Luke has led his team to build NearBlocks, Nearsend, and nKYC since early 2022.

Building his success within the NEAR ecosystem mainly due to its scalability and the developer community and support. With his team based in Indonesia, Luke notes the local's creativity skills utilized the NFT wave and exciting projects launched recently giving an 85% increase in adoption and progressive regulation.

Experiencing a high level of scams and hacks consumer protection has become a key focus of the Indonesian Government. Indonesia boasts a vibrant community with low start-up costs making it an ideal location for upcoming projects.

“I'd like to connect with other founders, explore synergies and see what we can build together to improve the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.”