Metaverses and Economic Power for Minorities with William Bear

Heads up, Supermoon Station caught up with good friend William Bear, an entrepreneur in the crypto space and supporter of the Supermoon community. Will told Supermoon Station how he became a full-stack software engineer sparking his interest in building out different types of gaming experiences, metaverses for Comicon events, and much more. As a huge advocate of the NEAR Protocol, Will encourages listeners of all levels to do a boot camp and utilize three months over years wasted at University with far fewer opportunities available upon completion. 

As a video game developer, Will has been building out different metaverses as a service. Last year, NEARCON was displayed through his metaverse hosting the community for talks. Through this digital space, Will encountered many value-adding developers who joined his team and cemented his idea of a metaverse.

While many people argue a metaverse has to be in VR or immersive, Will outlines; “We’re already using metaverses frequently, and I would argue that the largest metaverse on the planet is Grand Theft Auto 5 where users are easily monetizing and reach a certain economic power which is not always available in the real world.”

“If you do anything, you’re doing everything.”