How Gaming Companies Are Getting RICH with Web3! | Supermoon Consensus

Near House at Supermoon Station: Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry with Web3 | Supermoon Consensus

In an exciting revelation from Near House at Supermoon Station, Scott Lee, from Near Korea, shares how gaming companies are increasing their profitability using web3, blockchain, and decentralization.

Scott, who is based in Seoul, Korea, was part of the launch of the regional Near Korea hub in November last year. Post-launch, the hub organized G Star, one of the largest gaming conferences in Asia. The hub's mission is to bring quality gaming and entertainment companies from web2 to web3, focusing mainly on B2B partnerships since its inception.

During the conversation, Scott shared the hub's evolving focus, which has now started to include entertainment, expanding their reach beyond gaming. But, what's the advantage for these companies? Scott explains that moving to web3 provides companies with the ability to regain control over their users and their data. He highlights how traditional gaming platforms lose about 30% of their revenue to platforms like Google and Apple. By embracing blockchain, they can avoid this considerable expense.

Furthermore, Scott speaks about the benefits of using NEAR Protocol as their blockchain of choice. NEAR Protocol focuses on removing barriers and easing the transition from web2 to web3, providing features like human-readable addresses and function keys. They aim to ensure a seamless user experience without necessarily diving deep into the technical intricacies of blockchain.

In conclusion, Scott speaks of the potential of token-gated communities, which offer an opportunity for brands, influencers, and athletes to connect directly with their communities. The gaming and entertainment sectors are ripe for web3 adoption, and Near House, Supermoon Station, and NEAR Korea hub are at the forefront of this exciting transformation.

Near House's collaboration with Supermoon Station marks a major step towards mainstream adoption of web3 in the gaming and entertainment industries. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from these industry pioneers.