Petr Volnov: Simplifying Crypto Transactions at Near Protocol

In a recent episode at the Near House, special guest Petr Volnov shares his expertise in developing user-friendly solutions for crypto transactions. The key feature is the ability to seamlessly connect your Coinbase or Binance accounts to your digital wallets, thereby reducing the complexity of conducting on-chain operations. Let's delve deeper into how Volnov is redefining crypto transactions for the common investor.

Pioneering Change in Crypto Transactions

At Near House, Volnov shared his team's latest achievement since the Ethereum Denver (E Denver) event - the successful launch of a "sometimes change connection in production." This new feature empowers users to directly connect their Coinbase or Binance accounts to their wallets, making on-chain transactions easier than ever. This accomplishment has not only grown Near's user community but has also made it easier for Binance coin users to engage in Near's offerings without additional wallets.

Facilitating Seamless On-chain Operations

Volnov's objective is clear - simplifying Web3 participation for individuals who possess a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. By integrating their Coinbase or Binance accounts with their digital wallets, users can now participate in on-chain operations directly from their accounts. The feature aims to replicate the simplicity of fiat money transactions and applies it to the crypto world, making on-chain transactions as straightforward as sending money via traditional banking apps.

Optimizing Earnings in Crypto Transactions

Not only does Volnov's new feature simplify transactions, but it also helps users optimize their earnings. As opposed to the approximately 1% income that users might receive on Coinbase, Volnov suggests that through native protocols, users could earn up to nine times more. This impressive feature serves as an attractive incentive for users to shift from traditional exchanges to Near's solutions.

Enhancing Crypto Awareness through Strategic Partnerships

Volnov's team is also committed to reaching out to traditional investors and spreading awareness about their user-friendly solutions. Their strategy involves partnerships with media platforms and targeted communications for traditional investors who are unfamiliar with on-chain transactions.