Supermoon Station bounces around NEARCON with Mitchell Gildenberg CTO of Switchboard.

Supermoon Station mixed it up at NEARCON Lisbon with Mitchell Gildenberg, CTO of Switchboard, an Oracle protocol on Solana that's going multi-chain. Filling Station in, Switchboard is currently building out solutions for NEAR having just passed one billion transactions to run 4% of Solana traffic. 

Mitchell confirmed high demand for Switchboard to build on NEAR Protocol providing DEFI growth through its permissionless data feed model; where anybody could publish any kind of information without restrictions or fees associated; generating customized insights five minutes later when somebody requests them. Supermoon Station is excited to see what’s to come from this collaboration.

Tune in to hear exactly what Mitchell Gildenberg has planned for Switchboard and web3 users.

“With Switchboard, you don't have to wait for another provider to list it and pay $50,000, or a listing fee, so we're a totally customizable, permissionless solution”