Supermoon Station Buying Beer with NEAR

During NEARCON the Supermoon Station team witnessed the purchase of beer with NEAR and had a quick chat with the product manager from Coinpipe the company that makes the purchase possible. Coinpipe aims to connect web2 and web3 by enabling crypto payments for daily goods. Specifically tailored to NEARCON Coinpipe’s project set out to deliver beer paid for using NEAR and to show people the versatile uses of various cryptocurrencies. Based in Vienna and Portugal, Coinpipe just launched five months ago enabling SMEs to accept crypto payments, this time round teaming up with Decentralized Brewing to enable NEAR payments. 

Coinpipe plans to scale on NEAR launching in Latin America and Asia with the goal of providing the best UX through NEAR’s fast transaction speed. Outlining the obstacles to crypto adoption in Europe, David rightly points out that crypto adoption in unbanked areas will be far quicker than in Europe where bank cards are heavily relied on. Merchants using Coinpipe’s technology, for now, must handle taxation differently depending on location but have yet to experience difficulty around the topic.

“We choose NEAR for its speed and super friendly community and we see far more opportunities on NEAR than on any other blockchains”.