Jun 2023

The Man in the Shiny Red Suit: David Morrison's Path to Near Protocol

Dressed for Success. Meet David Morrison, the vibrant personality in the world of cryptocurrency who isn't afraid to be brutally honest about his experiences. In a candid conversation, he opens up about his introduction to crypto, why he chose Near over MetaMask, and his very real fear of flying. Read on for a frank and funny look into the life of a passionate blockchain enthusiast.

Fear of Flying but No Fear of Speaking His Mind

The story kicks off with David Morrison confessing to a dislike of flying, which is especially challenging considering his towering height and self-confessed love for food and beer. His fear of flying escalated during a turbulent 10-hour flight from London to Austin, where he was left praying to every god he could think of. Yet despite his dread of air travel, David arrived at his destination unscathed and in high spirits, proving that nothing can stop him from doing what he loves.

Joining the Crypto Space and Near

David's journey into the world of crypto began quite unconventionally. During a party in 2014, he first heard about Bitcoin in relation to online transactions of a questionable nature. Intrigued, he changed his degree to Computer and Digital Forensics, which led him to dive deeper into the world of Bitcoin and Tor for his dissertation.

When asked about his decision to join Near, David shared an unexpected twist. He initially turned down Near's offer in favor of MetaMask. However, a subsequent interview with a passionate member of the Near team convinced him to reconsider. The authenticity and commitment to an open web and decentralization resonated deeply with David, and he hasn't looked back since.

Passion for Near Protocol

David's passion for Near is evident, and he proudly wears it on his sleeve, literally. His dedication is so evident that he's often dubbed as the "official Near Shiller" or the "Chief Vibe Officer." It's a testament to his belief in the project and its ethos. For David, being a part of the Near community is not about the paycheck; it's about genuinely believing in and contributing to a project that can change the world.


David Morrison's journey in the crypto space is an example of embracing passion and authenticity in a corporate world. Despite his initial encounter with crypto being unconventional and his fear of flying, he brings an extraordinary amount of passion and energy to his work with Near. His story is a reminder that believing in what you do can bring about incredible success.