The TRUTH About Setting Up Your Own DEX in Just 5 Minutes with CryptoMeina

Straight from Austin, Texas during the renowned Consensus conference, Supermoon had the pleasure of hosting CryptoMeina, known for her thought-provoking YouTube channel "CryptoMeina". She was at the conference representing Native, a project that aims to revolutionize the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) landscape.

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain

CryptoMeina's journey into Web3 wasn't planned but occurred spontaneously over a dinner conversation with friends who introduced her to the concepts of blockchain. Being a seasoned data scientist who has worked across various industries, she instantly recognized the potential blockchain technology had in solving the challenges plaguing the current financial ecosystem.

Native: Facilitating a New Age of Financial Infrastructure

At its core, Native is designed to be a modular DEX infrastructure layer for Web3. The primary mission of the project is to transform the exchange into a feature rather than a standalone application. Within five minutes, any project can leverage Native to establish their own DEX and integrate it seamlessly into their platform, turning exchanges into a feature rather than a standalone application.

The Journey towards Mass Adoption

The lack of understanding and awareness of Web3 and blockchain technology among the general population spurred CryptoMeina to start her own YouTube channel. With her influential platform, she aims to enlighten the masses about the true potential and applications of these emerging technologies. CryptoMeina and the Native team are working tirelessly to lower the entry barrier to Web3, enhancing user experience and providing tools for project founders to create a more robust and efficient financial infrastructure.

The Crazy World of Crypto

CryptoMeina shares a hilarious yet relatable crypto story about her ventures into the volatile market. As a connected figure in the space, she made a bold decision to 'ape' into various projects based on network recommendations. While the results were not as expected, it reinforced the need for diligent research before venturing into investments.

CryptoMeina advises, it's crucial to do your own research and trust yourself. 

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