Nov 2023

Triumph for Supermoon and Yorkseed's Founders & Investors Soirée at WebSummit in Lisbon with Near Protocol!

Supermoon and Yorkseed in collaboration with Near Protocol, successfully hosted the exclusive Founders & Investors Soirée in Lisbon on November 12th, setting a high bar for networking events just before the much-anticipated WebSummit. Held at the iconic Fintech House in Lisbon, the event welcomed 120 handpicked founders and investors, creating an unparalleled environment for forging new connections and exploring future collaborations in tech and Web3.

A Night to Remember in Lisbon's Historical Elegance

As the evening unfolded in the heart of Lisbon, the event saw the convergence of some of the brightest minds in the tech and Web3 industries. The iconic Fintech House, with its perfect blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, provided an ideal backdrop for conversations that could shape the future of technology.

Elevating the Culinary Experience

Enhancing the ambiance of collaboration and long-term connections, the soirée featured an exclusive culinary experience prepared by a renowned influencer chef flown in from Barcelona. The chef's theme of "food for longevity" resonated deeply with the evening's spirit, emphasizing the formation of lasting relationships and enduring partnerships.

Highlights of the Soirée

  • Exclusive Networking: Attendees engaged in meaningful dialogues with industry leaders, forming pivotal business relationships in an intimate setting.
  • WebSummit Kickoff: The soirée served as a dynamic platform for pre-event networking, setting the stage for the upcoming global conference.
  • A Fusion of Ideas: The event facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas, fostering potential collaborations and innovation in the bustling Web3 space.

Our Esteemed Co-Hosts & Partners

The event's success was bolstered by the collaborative efforts of Yorkseed™, a global venture community linking entrepreneurs with investors, and Near Protocol, the innovative operating system for an open web.

Looking Forward

This memorable soirée was not just an event but a testament to Supermoon's commitment to building a future where technology and collaboration go hand in hand. As participants look forward to WebSummit, the connections and ideas sparked at the soirée are sure to influence discussions and initiatives in the tech and Web3 arenas.

Supermoon and Yorkseed extend their gratitude to all participants and partners who made this evening a landmark event in the journey toward a collaborative and innovative future.

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