Oct 2022

Baron Davis Talks Metaverse and Minting a Snoop Dog NFT

Supermoon Station caught up with Baron Davis, entrepreneur, investor, former professional basketball player, and two-time NBA All-Star. Davis now branched into the blockchain realm to found More Than Us with the aim of creating a diverse group of entrepreneurs and builders.

Baron, attending NEARCON in support of his co-founder’s project Pod Labs a metaverse NFT marketplace on NEAR, is the only place you can buy an NFT and get immediate access to metaverse experiences. In partnership with Rehydr8, the single-player metaverse for mental health and meditation is the first of many projects Pod Labs plans to release on NEAR.

With admiration for NEAR Protocols' energy and connectivity, Baron attended NEARCON to further build his network and share Pod Labs. Concluding an outstanding career in basketball, Baron made his move into the crypto world to build community, collective wealth, and minds while being able to service an ecosystem of like-minded individuals.

“I think crypto is going to be severely important when we think about the world, the haves, and have-nots, countries who can’t get deployed food or resources. These are solvable problems, but when you look at the Government and where their attention is, you can see a lot of main contributors are overlooked in the system.”

Not picking one particular favorite aspect of web3 technology, Baron believes that if you start with NFTs, and learn DEFI you will end up using the metaverse for entertainment and finding a sweet spot in between.

Here at NEARCON to talk about images and name-image likeness, Baron told Supermoon Station about a time he was chilling with Snoop Dog and minted a photo he took of him before NFTs even had a name. This encounter apparently got Snoop Dog thinking “I can take pictures as a photographer and license it to people that I want to.”

Jumping into the mix Supermoon Station chatted with Pod Labs founder Jeremiah Benjamin about metaverse accessibility and how to deliver to the masses. “Yes, I believe everyone can have access to the metaverse, where we’re having a problem is most platforms want to bring as many people as possible into the metaverse at one time, so they are sacrificing quality. That’s why you see the metaverses look how they do, in turn not giving people quality experiences with the call to action, that’s why Rehydr8 is a single-player metaverse, I can create the perfect environment for one person.”

Highlighting the metaverse is not some mystic invention, Jeremiah Benjamin insists everyone can have access and doesn’t believe the lengthy projected timeline for uptake and adoption increases. Wrapping up an interesting chat with Baron's craziest crypto story on how he doesn’t have Telegram anymore after a hack job asked his friend for a loan losing him plenty of Bitcoin.