Sep 2023

The Billion-Dollar Secrets of AI: Luis Freitas at Near Base by Supermoon

Join us for an electrifying podcast session hosted live from Near Base Paris ECC Week, proudly presented by Supermoon.

In this exclusive session, we welcome Luis Freitas from Mintbase, as he explores the intricacies of AI and blockchain technologies, providing groundbreaking insights that promise to reshape the way we perceive these domains. The session is hosted by Elena Obukhova, founder of Supermoon.

Session Highlights:

In this riveting session, Luis Freitas will delve deep into:

  • The unprecedented strides Mintbase is championing in the blockchain sector.
  • The potential dangers lurking in the world of AI: a critical analysis.
  • GPT-4: Unveiling the nuances and what lies ahead in the tech landscape.
  • The ongoing debate surrounding AI consciousness: a reflective discussion.
  • Simulation Theory: A philosophical exploration into the concept of living in a simulated reality.
  • The transformative role of blockchain technology in sculpting our future.