May 2024

Supermoon, OORT, and Ammocrypt are Hosting 800+ Founders, Builders, Investors during Consensus 2024

Supermoon in collaboration with OORT, Ammocrypt, Sunrise Layer and Cointelegraph presents its second iteration of its most well known event this May 31st in Austin, Texas; Mansion on the Moon.

This time the Supermoon team is going all out with the Venue, the mansion will feature the most curated spot for over 800+ guests, including 300+ Founders, 150+ Investors, plus thought Leaders and Developers to meet and network, forging lasting alliances and connections. 

This event takes place at the 8,500 sq foot private mansion in the heart of Austin, Texas that creates a perfect atmosphere for intimate relationship building and gathering community of web3 innovators.

This event is possible thanks to the support of our special partners OORT, Ammocrypt, and Sunrise Layer.  

OORT: OORT is a decentralized AI Cloud for privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, OORT empowers trustworthy AI solutions. 

Ammocrypt: An RWA project with tremendous end-user market fit and appeal, AmmoCrypt is an RWA marketplace ecosystem for the 450-million plus legal firearms owners worldwide. Their  Kaliber Tokens are backed 100% by real ammunition, can be staked & re-sold and are redeemable to the end-user where allowed by law.

Sunrise: A new project in Web3 focused on Specialized DA Layer for Proof of Liquidity.

Alongside the main event, the Supermoon Mansion will be hosting a private VIP poker tournament earlier in the day, exclusively for partners and key community members, as well as private investor gatherings. Additionally, guests will have the chance to enjoy a curated tequila tasting offered by House of Rare, a web3 tequila company.

In 2022, Supermoon had reached new levels with this web3 event, hosting the first Mansion on the Moon event in Austin to become the most important networking event during Consensus that year, with 1000+ diversified blockchain enthusiasts, “It was better than Consensus itself” where the words used by both Computecoin & Cointelegraph. The exclusive mansion networking event nurtured long-lasting relationships for all realms, from VCs to new crypto advocates entertained by the amazing honeypocket beats.