Kenya Hits the Highest Volume of Peer-to-Peer Trading Globally

Supermoon Station checked in with Kevin Imani, CEO of Sankore 2.0 a blockchain community building disruptive technologies on NEAR Protocol and leader of the African NEAR hub. Connected through a childhood friend, Kevin joined the NEAR ecosystem back in 2015 to navigate NEAR’s expansion into Africa, resulting in NEAR Kenya.

NEAR Kenya is currently building the expansion model for extending the foundation ecosystem across the continent alongside a job searching site to aid developer retention.

With a  large proportion of the Kenyan population, unbanked Kevin talks us through the local blockchain space, peer-to-peer trading, and the lack of inclusivity at crypto events. 

Kevin led NEAR Kenya developments by expanding outside the capital by introducing intellectual talents, artists, and developers to the NEAR ecosystem, fostering a community of over 2000 people in three months, and bringing new education opportunities to local communities.

“I completely forgot about this wallet I had and realized I had like $30,000 just sitting there.”