Dec 2022

Supermoon Station at Labitconf Buenos Aires Discussing Crypto Adoption in Latam.

Supermoon Station attended Labitconf, the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Labitconf, which began in 2013, has become a premier destination for those interested in the blockchain industry. Labitconf hosted many passionate discussions, one of which sparked a fiery debate between Vitalik Buterin and Jimmy Song on Bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies.

Supermoon Station met with several accomplished players in the web3 industry to uncover insights and projects leading the space.

“Crypto should be used as a tool to carve yourself a better future” - Ernesto Contreras

Supermoon Station joined Ernesto Contreras, co-founder of Caracas Blockchain Week and Dash head of BD at Labitconf Buenos Aires. Sharing his extensive knowledge of the Venezuelan crypto market and how hyperinflation spurred blockchain solutions.

Tune in to hear all about the first international blockchain conference in Venezuela and a refreshing outlook on how we utilize cryptocurrency in a capacity to help the youth of today.

“Every early adopter market will include Brazil in the top 3” - Fabiano Dias

During an exciting bitcoin conference in Buenos Aires, Supermoon Station caught up with Fabiano Dias the head of operations at Bitwage, the pioneer and leading provider of cryptocurrency payroll solutions.

Most popular among markets looking for alternatives to traditional banking systems, Bitwage sponsored Labitconf and brought the whole team while CEO Jonathan Chester spoke at the conference. Fabiano kicked off his crypto endeavors back in 2014 with a Brazil crypto community group, followed by an introduction with Bitwage through a common network of Tim Draper, and has never looked back since.

Tune in for more on the cultural divide between Brazil and the Latin American crypto market, and what makes them key players in the global crypto market of today.

“We at Algorand are focused on Latin America because here we see the true value of blockchain come to fruition.” - Frederic Taes

Supermoon Station wrapped up Labitconf with Frederic Taes of Algorand Foundation a high–performing Layer-1 blockchain and Benedetto Biondi CEO of Folks Finance a capital markets protocol for borrowing and lending built on the top of the Algorand blockchain. Algorand Foundation sponsored the pinnacle blockchain event of Latin America uniting the ecosystem and main projects on the protocol.

Frederic takes us through how Argentina’s economic shortcomings are accelerating local and corporate blockchain technology adoption while setting the tone for world markets as Argentina uses blockchain to solve daily issues.

Folks Finance in Argentina aims to open decentralized finance to the masses using the technology of Algorand with low transaction costs.

Hear the inspiring story of how web3 art has sparked life-changing avenues and platforms for so many Brazilians across the world.

“Going into crypto is a safe haven" - Juan Manuel Dominguez

Joining the Labitconf ecosystem back in 2013, Supermoon Station met with Juan Manuel Dominguez founder of CadenaMKT

Tune in as Juan takes us through the booming crypto adoption rates in Argentina and how he doubled his bitcoin holdings.

Guillermina Favrat, Lawyer and Data Scientist.

During an incredible gathering of blockchain eclectics at Labitconf 2022, Supermoon Station met with Guillermina Favrat a Lawyer and Data Scientist based in crypto hub Argentina.

In her book "Amparo Digital" she talks about evidence-based legislation and deliberative democracy online. It is a solution that would integrate blockchain technology into the current legal system which will allow legislation based on evidence and with the participation of all citizens of the Argentine Nation.

Elena Obukhova, the co-founder of Supermoon, provided a brief overview of the event, the current state of cryptocurrency in the country, and how the country has embraced the technology. 

"Returning to Argentina is always an exciting experience for me. I spent 1.5 years in this beautiful country and its people have always touched me deeply.  It was wonderful to see how many people Rodolfo Andragnes and the Labitconf team gathered. Many newcomers to the crypto space attended the conference from Argentina and Latin America who were eager to learn more. In my opinion, the industry definitely needs more initiatives to help people learn about crypto. Events like Labitconf are really needed to bring people on board.

Argentina is home to a vast amount of ambitious tech engineers that are now turning to blockchain development and exploring different ways to get involved. Argentina is a hub for talented developers and established projects such as Decentraland, RSK Labs, and Ripio also a leader in crypto adoption. Labitconf provided a remarkable opportunity for those new to crypto to gain practical knowledge and insight through a series of panel discussions and educational workshops. Participants were able to gain practical knowledge and insight into the world of blockchain.

It was exciting to see our Supermoon community traveling to Buenos Aires and talking about crypto adoption in Latin America" 

Elena Obukhova, co-founder of Supermoon Group