My CRAZY Experience Playing On The Doge Art Car! | Near House Supermoon

In an insightful exchange at the Near House during Supermoon Consensus 2023, software engineer Alex Lungu, CTO of Tenamint, recounts his exciting journey into the crypto world. He shares his early fascination with social engineering, his plunge into blockchain events during COVID, his adventure with NFTs, and his thrilling experience as a DJ on the Doge Art Car at Burning Man.

Journey Into Tech

Alex, a seasoned software engineer, began his tech journey as early as middle school, attending a summer camp that sparked his interest in software engineering. During the COVID pandemic, when his travel-based developer advocacy work was curtailed, he started exploring blockchain events.

The Lure of NFTs

Around two years ago, Alex's interest in the entrepreneurial network in Canada, particularly in Toronto, led him to NFTs. Despite not being a collector himself, he was captivated by the NFT art he encountered at Art Basel in Miami. This drove him to delve deeper and consider building something of his own.

Building with Near

As Alex and his team weighed their options on what blockchain network to build on, Near stood out. Near's innovative approach to scaling, its advanced account obstruction with key management, and its namespacing capabilities were some of the features that caught Alex's attention. The vibrant community around Near further cemented his choice to build his first project, Tenement, on it. He is currently focusing on more infrastructure and technical work, especially around account obstruction and identity.

The Importance of Identity in Blockchain

Alex's passion for identity in blockchain stems from its crucial role in governance and business processes. He believes while there are contexts where anonymity works better, most times, participants want to know who they are dealing with. He is encouraged by the progress the blockchain is making in the identity sphere, particularly in initiatives like "I Am Human" and "Soulbound Tokens."

DJ-ing on the Doge Art Car

One of Alex's wildest and most fun experiences in the web 3.0 space was being the first person to DJ on the Doge Art Car at Burning Man in 2019. On a Tuesday, with a full line-up for the end of the week but a quiet start, Alex filled the silence with music from his flash stick, kickstarting the party on the Doge Art Car.