NEARCON with Aha Labs founder Chad Ostrowski

Supermoon Station and Chad Ostrowski founder of Aha Labs took an interesting horse ride around NEARCON Lisbon. Sparking Chad’s journey in cryptocurrencies after his discovery of Bitcoin around the time it came out, his interest in decentralized apps and building apps on blockchain started with a simple thought experiment involving the Mars One project. 

As a builder, Chad believes NEAR has the best developer experience with great choices made at the protocol level for how sharding works. As founder of AHA Labs, Chad has had a keen interest in creating a place in web3 for decentralized app development as easily as where he got his start in app development on Rails. This led him to his current project, RAEN, a build tool for NEAR smart contracts, aiming to simplify developing web3 apps and make it easy to build and interact with other people's smart contracts. Chad has plans to grow RAEN into an entire framework that helps people build ambitious decentralized apps.

I think a lot of decentralized apps today are very centralized, they’re using DNS, naming system with a lot of decentralized apps using API’s which are very centralized, but couldn’t predict the future outcome just yet.”