Public Relations Tips for Startups from ICL

Dive into the world of Web3 and Crypto PR with Victoria Vaughan, the former CEO of Cointelegraph and the Founder of ICL, in our free workshop. Victoria shares her experienced insights into crafting compelling Press Releases that resonate across today's digital news platforms and social media landscapes.

Hosted by Supermoon in collaboration with ICL at Station3, New York City's dedicated Web3 venue. Participants who attended gained firsthand knowledge on engaging journalists, pitching innovative projects, and strategies for organic growth within the bustling crypto and web3 space.

For those who missed it, this workshop is a must-watch for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of PR in the Web3 and blockchain industry. Whether you're a startup or an established player, Victoria's expertise offers a roadmap to visibility and success in the digital age for you to succed. Click to watch the video and elevate your PR strategy with insights from one of the industry's best.