Apr 2022

NFTs Revamping the Event Industry

NFTs Revamping the Event Industry | FAS | Fintech Advisory Services co-organised the first SuperMoon Camp edition in 2021. With NFTs shaking up the event industry worldwide with new applications in ticketing, memberships, social media, event management, and other fields, SuperMoon Camp 2021 set out to explain how they’re evolving.

On NFT day, the NFT’s: Revamping the Event Industry panel featured speakers from FlashBack,, Zap Theory, and XSauce.


Elena Obukhova founder & CEO of FlashBack, the NFT ticketing platform that allows everyone to collect and share memories from every event.

Isaac Rodgin head of BD at and a founding partner at RCG and VC3.

Cassie Hinnen-Neals the co-founder of ZapLife and ZapTheory a social token platform inventing use cases unprecedented in blockchain.🌝Moderator:Zach Miller, XSAUSE

Watch the full panel below.