Privacy Zoom: The Game-Changing Decentralization You Might Not Have Seen Coming!

In a recent talk at the Supermoon Station, Jonathan Stokes, the man behind Moonbase, a DAO management application, and P2Pigeon, a peer-to-peer messaging and video relay, shared his fascinating journey into the world of cryptocurrency and decentralization.

The Entry into Cryptocurrency

In 2013, while trying to sell e-cigarettes online, Jonathan Stokes stumbled upon an unlikely gateway into the world of cryptocurrency: Dogecoin. He discovered the immense potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology when he used Dogecoin to set up his payment gateway. The experience was so transformative that he chose to abandon his e-cigarette venture and throw himself fully into the world of blockchain technology.

Moonbase: Leading the Charge in DAO Management

Stokes' project, Moonbase, serves as a beacon in the realm of blockchain technology. Focusing on creating DAO management applications, Moonbase takes the concept of decentralization to a whole new level.

A Deep Dive into Moonbase and Its Role in the Crypto Space

Moonbase came to fruition as Stokes aimed to find solutions to the fragmented nature of creating and managing DAOs. With the support of a grant from the Near Foundation, he was able to continue his work, even when support was scarce. As a result, Moonbase stands as a testament to the significant strides the crypto world is making toward decentralization.

P2Pigeon: A Revolutionary Peer-to-Peer Messaging and Video Relay System

In the quest for more privacy and data security, Stokes introduced P2Pigeon, a groundbreaking peer-to-peer messaging and video relay system. It offers an alternative to mainstream platforms like Zoom, but without a middleman, thereby ensuring users' data remains in their control.

Stokes' Journey: A Testament to Crypto's Expansive Influence

Stokes' journey from an e-cigarette seller to a leading figure in the crypto world underscores the transformative power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His involvement in diverse projects, from Moonbase to P2Pigeon, illustrates the expansive potential that the crypto world holds for shaping our digital future.