All things liquid staking with Alejandro V. Betancourt

Staying at NEAR HACKS Founder House by Supermoon Camp, SMS chatted to Alejandro Betancourt head of business development at Meta Pool. Alejandro dabbled in crypto since 2013 due to his exposure to inflation, and lack of trust in institutions growing up in Venezuela. However,  fully committed in 2020 after finding NEAR through his layer one thesis works and the crypto community in Venezuela.

Alejandro currently works with Metapool, the liquid staking on NEAR spurred by noticing the need to have validators to keep the network secure and decentralized. Among others, Alejandro believes NEAR can have scalability, privacy, and decentralization under one blockchain potentially due to its founders' strong technical grounds and a novel approach to scaling through the software while continuous innovation is at the heart of the NEAR ecosystem further drawing people in.

“I’m very grateful to be there, it’s been really great to meet the people we’re working with and fostering that sense of community and I guess it just goes to show the inherent trust that’s in the ecosystem and I’d love to see more initiatives like this around the world.”