Jul 2023

AI-Human Coexistence, Self-Sustainable Decentralized Economies and Future Possibilities: An Exclusive with Metis’ Ming Guo

In a fascinating conversation with Elena Obukhova, Founder of Supermoon, Metis Chief Scientist Ming Guo shared his insights on the coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence (AI), the potential of a self-sustainable decentralized economy, and the future of data privacy.

Guo's perspective on AI and humans cohabiting harmoniously is particularly intriguing. According to him, concerns about AI replacing jobs are often misguided. Instead, AI may shift the workforce landscape, creating new opportunities. The advent of space exploration could be a prime example of how new industries can create jobs that never previously existed.

Guo believes that a new economic model is on the horizon, one that breaks away from the zero-sum paradigm prevalent today. In our existing model, value is derived from one's ability to contribute to the economic ecosystem. However, in a self-sustainable decentralized economy, the mere state of being sentient - be it human or AI - could generate value.

By changing this fundamental principle of value attribution, both humans and AI can exist within the economic framework, contributing and receiving value simply by virtue of their existence. This proposed model, according to Guo, is fairer, more inclusive, and views human beings and AI as equal contributors to society.

Yet, the path to such an equilibrium is laden with challenges, not least due to human nature itself. The greed and desire for power that often lead to systemic inequality are critical hurdles. However, Guo remains optimistic, drawing parallels with nature, where different species achieve a balance to coexist. He anticipates a similar equilibrium being achievable between humans and AI.

Turning the conversation to data privacy, Guo highlights the importance of this issue in an increasingly AI-driven world. His company, Metis, is developing a technology called Zk-MIPS that aims to make it easier for developers to protect user privacy. By embedding this solution deep into the development process, privacy considerations become an initial priority rather than an afterthought.

Guo also emphasized the need for an average individual to understand the importance of data privacy. He views personal data as an extension of one's identity and existence, and thus, shouldn’t be given away lightly.

Reflecting on his personal journey in the crypto world, Guo recalled his initial disbelief when Bitcoin first emerged, deeming it a joke due to its finite supply. His story serves as a reminder of the rapid evolution of the crypto space and the importance of keeping an open mind to novel ideas.

In conclusion, Guo's optimism and progressive ideas on AI-human coexistence, decentralized economies, and data privacy offer a refreshing perspective on the future possibilities of technology and society. His ongoing work at Metis is a testament to this vision, aimed at shaping an inclusive, fair, and privacy-respecting digital world.