Alejandro Glatt Interview: LaBitconf Argentina

Covering LABITCONF 2022, Supermoon Station met with Alejandro Glatt, a multidisciplinary artist portraying his vision through papaya and founder of the FEEL THE FRUIT Movement.

Alejandro is using papaya as an icon to encourage people to connect and empower freedom of femininity, noting rather controversial reactions from various audiences. Alejandro has been making opportunities to display his artwork with or without permission, however unlike his display on the Ripple House during NFT.NYC, LABITCONF challenged his rebellious ways. 

Alejandro speaks on how artists don’t need permission to create but are supposed to have permission to display due to methodic order, Alejandro’s persistent presence has led him to several successful events this year. On the other hand, the likes of Banksy have no permission and his artworks are being sold for a lot of money at auctions.

“ It's like a cycle. You don't ask and do whatever you want, and then you make so much noise that they bring you back.”

Supermoon Station digs into Alejandro’s opinion on the role money plays in artists' creativity, such as whether it's possible to survive solely on the product of one's art. Tune into the full interview to hear Alejandro’s crazy crypto experience in Mexico and the challenges he’s met while delivering his message through papayas.

“I'm not a traditional artist. I just do what I like to do.”

“What do you really need to do to be successful, be controversial.”

“I’m just using the papaya to make big things.”