Nov 2023

Fuel House by Supermoon Camp Elevates Web3 Development at Devconnect Istanbul

Fuel Labs Hacker House by Supermoon Camp has emerged as a ground-breaking initiative for developers seeking to take a deep dive into the innovative Fuel and Sway ecosystem. Located in the heart of Istanbul, this residential hacker house hosted 30 exceptional developers during the highly-acclaimed Devconnect conference, offering a unique opportunity for them to form lasting relationships, converge, and explore new avenues in web3 development.

Fuel House took place from November 15th to 20th and succeeded in transforming the traditional way of learning and interacting among developers. Attendees were provided with a comprehensive itinerary including daily builders' breakfasts, engaging podcasts, insightful interviews, and a series of hands-on workshops covering a range of topics, from Fuel toolchain basics to practical exercises like deploying contracts and front-end integration.

Nick Dodson, a philosophy dropout, musician, and founder of the Fuel Network, who successfully raised $80M in September 2023 during a challenging market period, also participated in the hacker house. He offered valuable advice to developers: "Don't chase money. Chase your passion." Dodson explained his preference for web3 over web2, stating that "traditional tech is not spiritually fulfilling" for him. He expressed a desire to support as many people as possible, especially in these difficult times when some individuals don't feel safe in their own countries.

Besides coding, Supermoon and Fuel teams curated networking and relationship building activities that brought builders closer together. The builders were able to interact with each other and share their ideas, leading to a deeper understanding of building on Fuel.

Fuel is a revolutionary blockchain stack that is redefining Ethereum's capabilities with parallel transaction execution and native account abstraction. Its imminent layer 2 launch promises a unified toolchain and the advanced smart contract language, Sway, which sets new standards in blockchain development.

Supermoon is a leading community with over 17,000 members including founders, builders, and investors, which has become a nurturing ground for innovation and collaboration in crypto and web3. Supermoon Camp's motto "Stay Together, Build Together" perfectly summarizes the kind of collaboration and innovation that they inspire in the industry.

The Fuel House experience was a huge success with developers expressing immense excitement about deploying their first contracts on Fuel. Each day started with a taste of the local culture through Turkish breakfasts followed by intense hacking sessions and workshops led by the Fuel Labs team.

Overall, Fuel House is a game-changer for developers seeking to explore new horizons in web3 development and it was a pleasure to see the transformative impact it had on the developers who attended. Fuel House is a testament to the incredible work that Supermoon and Fuel are doing in the crypto and web3 domains, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for the industry with such innovative and collaborative initiatives.